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The Department of Biotechnology was established in the year 2002 to train students for the emerging Biotechnology industry. The department offers B. Tech. (Biotechnology), M. Tech. (Biotechnology), M. Tech. (Food processing technology) and Ph. D. (Biotechnology) programs. The curriculum of these programs has been designed and updated to train students in the engineering skills relevant for Biotechnology based industries as well as in the fundamentals of biological sciences, physical sciences and computational sciences. The strong emphasis on fundamentals enables flexibility of the curriculum at advanced stages. Students choose advanced electives based on their interest and the anticipated, rapidly changing requirements of the Biotechnology industry.

The Department of Biotechnology has 11 well equipped academic laboratories and a Departmental Library. In addition, research centers have been established for Medical Biotechnology, Food Processing Technology, Plant Biotechnology and Bioprocess Product and Process Development.

The Department of Biotechnology has a diverse and highly qualified Faculty. All members of the Faculty have more than five years of teaching experience, and more than 85% have doctoral degrees. The Department of Biotechnology is involved in research in Bioprocess optimization, Bioremediation, Cell culture, Bioactive compounds, Biopesticides, Abiotic stress tolerance, Nanobiotechnology and Drug design. Faculty Members of the Department have completed 23 major research projects funded by DST, UGC, DBT, MOFPI, NABARD and WNRF. The department has filed 23 patents and of which 18 of have been published. Research publications attributable to our current Faculty and students have received more than 3000 citations.


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